March 28, 2020

Prayer Walk

Suggested Prayers and Themes for your Prayer Walk

As you walk {virtually!} around the churchyard, pause the video occasionally for prayer. Below are suggested themes and words, should you need them:


1st PAUSE: Our Nation and our World

‘Loving God, as our world battles an enemy we cannot see, I pray for the leaders of our nations, as they seek to respond to an unfolding story. Strengthen them for the work they must do and the challenges they must face and I pray that, as the actions of this time cause us to work more closely for the common good, we may emerge stronger and more united as your children.’


2nd PAUSE: The Community where I live

‘Loving God, I hold in prayer, the people of our Parish. I ask that you will be close to all who are alone, all who are anxious or fearful and all who are ill or bereaved. Send down you Holy Spirit to bring comfort, strength and protection and fill each of us with a desire to safeguard the needs of our neighbour.’


3RD PAUSE: Those who are far away

‘Loving God, I ask Your blessing on those who are dear to me but who I am separated from at this time. Keep them safe and bring them good neighbours and friendly voices to comfort them. Enfold them with your love and protection at this time.’


4th PAUSE: Those who are working for the good of others

‘Loving God, I give you thanks for the skill, generosity and sacrificial care, shown by those who continue to put themselves at risk for the good of others. I ask your blessing on medical staff, on carers, on those who keep us fed, through work on our land, in our shops and in deliveries. I ask your blessing on pharmacy staff, on teachers, on postal workers and on all key workers at this time.’


5th PAUSE: God in Creation

‘Loving God I thank you for the wonder of Your Creation, for those who care for the land and produce the food that we eat. As I gaze upon your wonders, make me mindful of the new life, bursting forth in the flowers on the ground, the buds on the trees and the creatures building their nests. Help me to remember always that after the Winter, the Spring will always follow.’


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