May 2, 2020

What's on in Abbeystead May

What's on in Abbeystead May

Hi everyone

I hope that you are all doing well in 'lock down'.   If anyone is struggling, please do let us know and I hopefully will be able to sort this out for you, if not point you in the right direction to someone who can.
Obviously, there are no activities going on in the village at the moment, but there are a few community initiatives happening, that you may wish to get involved with.
Sally Tait at Greenbank has had a mattress cover dropped off at her gate, she's wondering if this is for the Garstang scrub hub?  If so please can you let her know or me and I will let her know.
1.    Garstang scrub hub is on fb and I've sent a separate email regarding this group that is being run by Meg Heyes.  It's a community project making scrubs, bags, face masks etc for the NHS or keyworkers, if you are interested in helping.
Hello, I am Mags Heyes from the Coach House at Greenbank.
Following lockdown, I have recently joined the Facebook Garstang Scrub Hub Sewing for Our Front Line Workers group.
The aim being to make Scrubs, Scrub Bags and Headbands / Ear Guards.
I appreciate not everyone can sew, but you do not need to, to help.
Also, I am aware that some of you will already be involved in similar groups.
The group is currently sourcing fabric for the Scrubs, which needs to be more specific......
however, do you have any spare pillow cases, sheets, duvet covers or remnant fabric pieces you can donate ?
These can easily be recycled and made into the valuable Scrub Bags and Headbands that the NHS need right now.
They just need to be :
I am making bags which require one piece of fabric : Width 50" x Length 25" and one drawstring.
Fabric donations can be left in clean bags by our post box, which is to the left of the Cattle Grid.
If anyone is interested in helping further that would great.
Cutting out is equally important and takes time.
Simon had a crash course in bias binding last night, and I now have plenty of cut strips to make up into drawstrings!
Any sewers who are interested in joining the Facebook group, please do.
We can join forces to help with logistics.
Thank you very much and I hope everyone will keep safe.
2.     The Olive Branch - Helen Foster has done a food bank drive just recently.  If people wish to get involved and want this to carry on as a regular occurrence please contact Helen directly
3.    Yvonne Awcock at Woodside in Abbeystead has a community shop running if you need any essentials such as milki, veg etc.  Yvonne is also doing a delivery round covering (Over Wyresdale, Quernmore, Marshaw, Greenbank and Abbeystead.   If you wish for further info or be included in her round (which is 3 times a week) please do get in touch.
4.    As you know all churches are closed and there have been no services.  However, if you are missing church, there are many sites that you can access.  One being a free dial-in worship phone line, launched by the Archbishop of Canterbury, available during lock down.  This is a new way to bring worship and prayer into your home.  'Daily Hope' offers music, prayers and reflections as well as full worship services from the CofE.  The line is open 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044.
5.    We have an urgent appeal - You will be aware that charities have now been offered financial support, by the Government, which is a blessing.  Churches are also charities, entirely reliant upon donations in order to maintain the large buildings and fund ministry.  However, under the current system, religious organisations will not qualify for financial support.  If therefore, you are financially able to continue to give generously, as part of your offering to God, and would like to know how, in the current situation, please contact either the vicar or:
Over Wyresdale - Helen Yu              email -
Quernmore - Stephen Potter            email -
Dolphinholme - Anthony Atkinson    email -
for further information
6.    Friday 8th May (Bank Holiday)  VE Day.   Between 4pm - 6pm communities all around the country will be celebrating in their own way this special day.  They are having high tea with music in their gardens, celebrating with neighbours - at a safe distance.  If you fancy it, get the bunting out and enjoy the afternoon
If I have forgotten anything, I do apologise, please do let me know if there is anything you wish to be included or sent round in a round robin.  And also if there is anybody that you know who would like to be included in the ;What's on in Abbeystead' group please ask them to contact me and let me know.
Finally, a big thank you to everyone adhering to the lock down advisement, keeping us all safe and also to those in our communities who are keyworkers keeping us all going and doing a magnificent job.

Stay safe

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