November 6, 2020

What's on in Abbeystead November edition

Dear All


I hope that you are all keeping well....

As you are all aware we will be entering into another national Lock down albeit we are still able to go to work and our children attend school.  However, one of the restrictions will be that we will not be able to hold any church services (barr funerals)  - Even though we will be unable to hold public services, you are still able to go into church for quiet prayer.  For some, you may wish to go this Sunday for Remembrance, church will be open on Sunday 8th November between 10.30am - 4.00pm for private prayer.  Masks must be work and please use the hand gel provided.  Please read and follow any additional instructions posted on the doors.  Online and TV worship suggestions will be available via the website: or on the pew sheet via our fb page.  If you do wish to be in church during this lock down period, please can you let the Reverend Cindy Rigney or any of the church wardens know so that they can open church up for you to attend.


Hopefully we will see you all again in December.




Sadly, cyber criminals are using the public health crisis and panic to try and take advantage of peoples fears. Raising awareness of these scams can help people avoid becoming victims. Below is a web link comprehensive guide to corona-virus themed scams detailing things to look out for and ways people can protect themselves:


Cawthorne School


Please remember that children must be kept off if anyone in their household is displaying symptoms of Covid. They may return to school if the person displaying symptoms receives a negative test and no one else in the household is displaying symptoms. If they receive a positive test then everyone in the household must self isolate for 14 days. Please do not send children into school if they are displaying:

  • A new persistent cough • High temperature • Loss of taste or smell.



On a brighter note a few thank yous are in order -


Boxes of Hope Collection


Many thanks to those of you who donated a shoe box for the Boxes of Hope campaign.  Morecambe Rd School have extended their thanks for your kindness and generosity.


Olive Branch


Helen Foster and the Olive Branch thank you for your donations of food over the Harvest Festival period, it boosted their stocks and are ever so thankful.  A big thank you to Helen F also for organising.


Helen, will be doing another run to the Olive Branch in December also.  Look out for her fb post and for those without fb please contact her directly or via myself if you wish to leave a food parcel for her to collect.


Message from Cawthorne School Governors


I am delighted to announce that Patrick Corbett (who has been Acting Head)
has accepted the post of Headteacher at Cawthorne’s Endowed School.

Patrick has taught at the school for many years, and his gentle and caring,
but firm, leadership has contributed greatly to the success of the school.
He is well known and liked by parents and children and I hope everyone will
join me in congratulating him and wishing him, and the school, well for the


Monica Lee
Chair of Governors


Reducing your Oil Bill


Recently I have been trying to join a few households together in order to purchase heating oil collectively in the hope to reduce our oil price.  However, this is causing a few hiccups as for some reason we aren't able to align correctly when we need our oil.

A  friend of mine though recently advised me of this company 'Boiler Juice' which does it all apparently .....  In essence what they do is provide you with a more competitive price by joining you up with other deliveries in your vicinity, by looking at all the different oil companies, taking the hassle out of phoning them up individually for a quote to get the best price.

So my I went online and got a quote off them, to double check it was a good price (as it was my first time) - I phoned a local supplier and found that they had saved me £50!  Just give it a go and you never know it could save you a few pennies too....


Community Services


If during Lock down you are unable to get out to the shops or get an online delivery - for those small essentials please remember that Yvonne Awcock (based at Woodside, Abbeystead) is supplying milk, eggs, veg and meat to Abbeystead, Greenbank, Quernmore and Over Wyresdale.  If you would like to see a price list or start receiving a delivery off Yvonne please do get in touch with her.


Yvonne's email address is :



If anyone knows of other community services available please do let me know 🙂







As church will be closed this month - the poppy box has been moved to Woodside House in Yvonne's supply shed.  You will be able to purchase poppies from there.  Please support the Royal British Legion, every penny counts.


Sun 8th - Remembrance Sunday, Church will be open between 10.30am - 4.00pm for quiet prayer


Thurs 12th - PCC meeting via Zoom 7.30pm.


Thurs 17th & 24th - Cawthorne Endowed Parents Evening


Sun 22nd - Abbeystead - Virtual Santa Dash This year we are going virtual, and it is up to you to create your own costume.  You can be as imaginative and adventurous as you like as there are prizes to be won!  4 x £10 Amazon vouchers are up for grabs.  Categories to be announced.


Run/walk at least 1km over the weekend of 5th and 6th of December in your costume and take a photo.  All finishers will receive a medal.


Family ticket: a donation of £10 (to be purchased by 22nd November)


Please contact Helen Foster or Jackie Entwistle  for further

information. (See attached poster).


Friday 27th Cawthorne's School Trip to Borwick Hall



Regular Giving


If you are in a position to provide a regular contribution to our churches please contact the following for further information:


Over Wyresdale - Helen Yu              email -

Quernmore - Stephen Potter            email -

Dolphinholme - Anthony Atkinson    email -


If you have anything you wish to share please feel free to drop me an email and I will either do a quick round robin or have it included into our next issue.


If anyone has facebook, please join our group Abbeystead Community Group, Christ Church Over Wyresdale where you can post news relevant to our community and also receive up to date news on what is happening in our area. That being said at the same time if you know of anyone who would like to receive this monthly newsletter, please let me know.


Signing off with warmest regards




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